A list of resources useful and relevant to the business…
— For up to the minute news from the worlds of journalism, online content, book publishing, TV, radio, PR and advertising. Twice daily news sent electronically, including “revolving door” (who’s moving where).
— Free daily email brief on print, broadcast and web publishers, plus major marketers and advertisers.

Jim Romenesko
Romenesko+ at
— The well respected Poynter Institute columnist Jim Romanesko compiles trivia and important issues all swirled together on the newspaper and magazine industries (August 24, 2011: Romenesko announces his semi-retirement from the Poynter Institute and the opening of in January 2012).
— This site covers all aspects of publishing a magazine, and includes blogs by well known columnists. Sign up to subscribe electronically to FOLIO:MediaPro – Magazine & eMedia Publishing Professional Social Network.
— Samir Husni (“Mr. Magazine”) is the Director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi. He reports on new launches and interviews people of note in the industry.
— The Online Journalism Review provides comprehensive news and trends in online publishing, and scans the globe for cutting-edge practices. and
— For information on advertising


“Our business is all about servicing clients. If you can walk in the door and solve my problem, it will keep us from getting blind-sided.”

– President and Publisher, Capitol Hill News Organization, Washington, D.C.

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